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最終更新: 2月16日

Our retail store at HIS online eMall is officially opened with a renewed travel + souvenir store concept! Although our travel plans may have been grounded to a halt for now, we hope to bring a piece of Japan to you by offering a carefully curated range of Japanese products, such as masks, sakes, snacks, etc.

Let's have one of our Branch Managers, Mr Yusaku Koike, to explain more about the products to you!

[insert Koike san's picture here]

Q: Hello Koike san, may we know why HIS Travel has decided to bring in products & souvenirs from Japan?

Koike san:

Q: What are the exclusive products which you would like to feature?

Koike san:

Q: Well then, what would be your favourite alcoholic beverage from among all these Japanese sakes/shochus? And what is your recommended way of consuming it? Do you pair it with any food/snacks?

Koike san:

Q: What would you recommend to a person who has never tried any Japanese alcoholic drinks before and why?

Koike san:

Q: Besides food and beverage products, we've heard that you've also brought in affordable kids' wear from a renowned brand called Nishimatsuya?

Koike san:

So guys, if you would like to purchase any of our products mentioned above, you could head over to our shopping catalog on this website or drop by at our retail store at 100AM Mall!

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